How to Choose the Right Bridge for My Electric Guitar

How to Choose the Right Bridge for My Electric Guitar

The guitar bridge is an often overlooked small yet mighty piece of hardware that has two incredibly important functions, firstly, it holds the strings in place, and secondly, it transfers the string vibrations to the guitar body. Thought of as a simple component, it is much more than that and the type of bridge you choose will have a major impact on the tone of your instrument and your playing experience. 

But before we get to some of the best electric guitar bridges you can buy, let’s find out…

Why do I need to change the bridge on my guitar?

There are two main reasons for replacing a 6 string electric guitar bridge. Either it is a low-quality bridge (often used on affordable guitars to reduce costs), or you are having technical issues with it, such as intonation problems or regularly breaking strings at the bridge saddles.

If you don’t have a premium instrument and want a low-cost, yet highly effective improvement in playability and tone, replacing your bridge is an excellent option. So, let’s take a look at some high-quality, premium, and more affordable options for different styles of guitar. 

Replacement Bridge Options for Les Paul, SG, and 335

As long as you go for an upgraded version of the bridge that is already installed on your Gibson, Epiphone, or similar type of guitar, replacing it with another one should be very simple. I (and I think a lot of you would also agree) would love a Les Paul with a Bigsby on it to release my inner Neil Young, but my DIY skills are nowhere near good enough to pull the project off. So, I’ll stick with a nice simple direct replacement for now, such as the following:

If you’re on a tighter budget but want a high-quality replacement roller saddle bridge, I would recommend going for the Guyker BM015 Tune-O-Matic Roller Saddle Guitar Bridge post hole 4.2MM. This very affordable bridge is made from high-quality materials and features roller saddles which ensure fewer string breaks than with a traditional saddle design, so it’s a great option for guitarists who love crazy string bends. 

Or, if you need to replace both the bridge and the tailpiece, the Guyker GM003+GS001 Tune-O-Matic LP SG Electric Guitar Bridge +Guitar Stop Bar Tailpiece with Anchors is an excellent choice. This lightweight zinc alloy bridge set is made from premium materials guaranteeing years of trouble-free use. It also features easily adjustable studs to ensure the perfect electric guitar bridge height as well as smooth string contact points, which greatly reduces the chance of you breaking strings.

Plus, you are not stuck with the standard chrome, black, or gold color options. If your guitar is a little relic-ed, go for old chrome or old gold, or if you want to add a little color to your guitar, it even comes in a cool rainbow option.

Replacement Bridge Options for Strats

For Fender, Squire, and other strat type guitars, the concept of getting as close to the bridge design that is currently on the guitar also applies. However, if you want more, for example, your dream guitar is a strat with a Floyd Rose on it, a lot more work will be involved, and you’ll probably need to give it to a professional luthier to get the job done properly. Therefore, it would be easier (and a lot less stressful) to just buy one of the many strats that are available with factory Floyd Rose trem systems already installed.

For Fender and Squier strats, as well as other strat-type guitars, the Guyker GG1104 Tremolo Bridge Vintage Bent Steel Saddles is a fantastic and very affordable bridge option. It fits perfectly on most S-type guitars, but as always, check the dimensions to make sure. Everything you need for the installation is included and as with the first Les Paul bridge I featured, you are not stuck with the standard three color options. For older guitars with a bit (or a lot) of playing wear, you can choose either the old gold or old chrome color options, or if you want a cool Hendrix vibe, how about a rainbow colored bridge?

If you’re looking for a higher quality option made from premium materials that ensures stable and precise string tension, the Guyker BS184 The Double Swing Tremolo Electric Guitar String Spacing 10.5mm Steel Saddles & Block is the one for you. 

The lightweight bridge design makes pitch changes without going out of tune a breeze, and lets you ring out notes and chords for longer periods. It also features top-loading saddles which greatly reduce the risk of breaking strings. While the brass bridge block ensures that your guitar's higher frequencies remain crystal clear.

But I don’t play a Strat or a Gibson style guitar! - More Unusual Bridge Options

First of all, congratulations for not playing a ‘standard’ guitar, and secondly, don’t fret (apologies for the pun) there are lots of excellent options to replace electric guitar bridge regardless of what you play.

Let’s start with this beautiful Guyker Vintage Style Tremolo Guitar Bridge With Brass Saddles for all you players with a Bigsby on your Telecaster. Or, if you have a 12-string Telecaster, how about the Guyker 12 String TL Modern Type Guitar Bridge Chrome. Or if your Ricky is giving you bridge issues, go for the Ricken-backer Style Guitar Bridge Cover And Base Plate RK100.

And finally, need a high-quality replacement 7-string guitar bridge, then the Guyker hips 6/7 String Guitar Fixed Bridge – Metal Hardtail Bridge is a solid choice. Or, if you’re having trouble finding a quality replacement bridge for Mosrite guitar, then the Guitar Bridge-New-001 6 String Guitar Bridge Roller Bridge For Guitar Mosrite Style is a fantastic bridge upgrade that will instantly improve the guitar's playability.

Wrapping it up

As we have seen, there are excellent premium and some very good-quality affordable replacement bridges widely available regardless of your choice of guitar or modifications you have already made, so swap that bridge and enjoy a whole new world of playability and tone!


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