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Turn your love for music into income! Musicians, content creators, and guitar enthusiasts, here's your opportunity to partner with Guyker, promote our premium gear, and earn generous commissions. Don't miss out!

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By joining the Guyker Affiliate Program, you unlock a world of exciting benefits and opportunities. Here's what you can expect:

guyker guitar community

Passionate Community

Join a community of music enthusiasts who share your love for guitar gear.

Lucrative Earning Potential

Lucrative Earning Potential

Earn generous commissions on every successful referral sale.

Exceptional Product Quality

Exceptional Product Quality

Endorse premium products known for their craftsmanship and innovation.

Exclusive Promotions

Exclusive Promotions

Offer your followers exclusive deals, discounts, and special offers.

Comprehensive Support

Receive personalized guidance and assistance from the Guyker team.

Unlock Growth & Collaboration

Unlock Growth & Collaboration

Collaborate with Guyker on projects, events, and product launches to expand your influence.

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Questions?We Have Answers.

The Guyker Affiliate Program allows you to sign up, generate unique referral links, and earn commissions for every successful sale made through your links. Join our program, share your links, and start earning rewards for promoting Guyker products.

Affiliate payouts are typically processed monthly. The exact timing may vary, but rest assured that you will receive your earnings according to our payout schedule. We offer various payment methods to suit your needs.

Our affiliate program utilizes advanced cookie tracking that remains active for an extended duration of over 30 days. This means that if a customer clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase within the next 30 days or more, you will still receive credit for the sale.

Yes! You are free to promote Guyker products on various platforms, including your website, blog, social media channels, YouTube, and more. Utilize your preferred platforms to reach your audience and share your unique affiliate links to drive traffic and sales.

We provide a comprehensive affiliate dashboard where you can track your performance, including clicks, conversions, and earnings in real-time. The dashboard offers valuable insights to help you optimize your promotional strategies and maximize your earnings potential.

As a Guyker affiliate, you gain access to a range of marketing resources to support your promotional efforts. This includes banners, product images, text links, and other creatives that you can incorporate into your content. We strive to provide you with the necessary tools to effectively promote Guyker products.

In the event of a returned or canceled order by a referred customer, the associated commission will be adjusted accordingly. Commissions are typically earned on completed and verified sales. Our team will ensure fair and accurate commission calculations based on the final purchase status.


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