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Pretty close to the original design

These tuners are emulations of Hipshots and actually every bit as good. I ordered the black coated ones, in time we’ll see if they hold the powder coating but on first interaction they seem quality.

Guyker 42mm Guitar Titanium Alloy Nut - Pre-Slotted Nuts Replacement Compatible with Fender Strat ST Style Electric Guitar

Gotoh In-Tune clones NO MORE!

THEY KEEP DELETING MY HONEST REVIEW! SECOND TIME NOW & 3RD TIME POSTING THIS YET AGAIN! These are no longer same quality as they once were. They gave up on this one badly! If you look at my photo, the RED is where the intonation lines are SUPPOSED to be and when flipped the lines invert. What they've been sending out is where the WHITE is, which is straight line in the middle. That is NOT COMPENSATED AT ALL! Might as well be a standard barrel saddle... this is now false advertising & JUNK!

Adjustability rules

I built a kit SG and was having a small intonation
issue I saw this and thought it would help. I was correct, the adjustability of it was perfect for my issue. Very happy with it.

Unusable, a waste of time and money.

The adjustment screw heads were out of tolerance, too large to allow them to sink into the nut to adjust string relief. Also the screw slot are poorly designed so no screwdriver seems to fit properly. I won’t be a returning customer.

Chrome with pearl insert Tuning knobs

If only in Gold ,,, :-(

Always been good quality at half the cost of Gotoh Delta

Nothing comes close at that price.

Guyker Guitar Bridge Headless Fanned Fret -Single Fixed Brass Fan Bridges for 6 String Electric Guitar

Good Tuners

I just feel that they need lubrication before they sent out the factory. But overall contruction and quality is very good.

Excellent tremolo bridge

Great quality and great price. Chrome plating is flawless and the design is superb

Guitar parts

Very pleased with the product delivery was very good as was the packaging haven’t fitted them yet so only time will tell to the longevity of the product but very pleased up to now


nice idea) good choice for my headless guitars)

good quality

very nice quality! best price)

GB-3639 Tuning Key Machine Head - 1:26 Ratio for Electric Guitar Bass

Wide 5-String Bridge

Heavy Duty! approx. 19-20 mm stingspacing. Fast shipment!

Beautiful Knobs

Knobs are sophisticated, elegant, well finished.

Always TOP quality from Guyker!

For anyone on the fence…
Here’s the deal, I have multiple guitars and basses with Guyker tuning machines, bridges, knobs, etc.. and it’s always high quality parts at great prices. I have yet to be disappointed with anything I’ve purchased. Not only that, but their customer service is great. You always get quick responses, and they are more than willing to help. This is not a paid review, this is as honest as I can be. I have zero affiliation with Guyker, and I rarely leave reviews for products. I just felt it was necessary to give this company the praise it deserves. Keep it up Guyker! A+

Good quality`

Have not installed and used yet, but the quality is excellent at this price point.

2nd order to Guyker

Hi... Guyker team's thanks for improving the checking of shipment package.
I'm very happy that the package arrived so fast

They send the correct one, when I wrote to them

Nice costumer service.

Well made works great!

I bought this about a year ago and used it on Stainless Med/Jumbo wire. It was my first time using one of these and it worked out great! I like it is good solid quality, got the job done, and was a cost savings vs other ones. It appears to be the same as what others are charging more for!

Exceeded expectations!

Got the red with silver. Was very pleased with the craftsmanship. Looks great on my red SG.

Very good quality

Very good quality, really!!! I really liked the packaging also. Everything arrived as expected!!!