GUYKER Tuning Pegs for Bass GK530
GUYKER Tuning Pegs for Bass GK530
GUYKER Tuning Pegs for Bass GK530
GUYKER Tuning Pegs for Bass GK530
GUYKER Tuning Pegs for Bass GK530
GUYKER Tuning Pegs for Bass GK530
GUYKER Tuning Pegs for Bass GK530
Copy of GUYKER Tuning Pegs for Bass GK530T

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GB-530T Carbon Fiber Tuning Pegs for Bass Gear ratio 1:26

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Say goodbye to off-key tunes and hello to flawless bass playing with Guyker®’s GB-530T Carbon Fiber Tuning Pegs for Bass! These superior quality guitar tuning keys guarantee you play the correct key or pitch and be able to perform stimulating low frequency harmonies. 

Provide the Best Rhythmic Support! 

With their precision and accuracy, the GB-530T ensures that your bass guitar is perfectly and consistently tuned, enabling you to deliver a solid foundation and impeccable rhythm for any musical performance.

1:26 Gear Ratio

Seize control of your tuning using these machine heads with a slow-turning mechanism. A 1:26 gear ratio needs more rotations and lets you gain superior command over hitting your desired notes.

Made of Carbon Fiber

Get prime quality and unparalleled longevity with these carbon fiber-built tuning pegs. Carbon fiber is known to be stiff, strong and light, highly resistant from temperature and humidity changes, and more lightweight than traditional guitar machine heads. 

Open Frame, Club-Shaped Handles

Does your bass become too heavy after a couple of songs? Attain impeccable balance and lessen your load during playing with these lightweight, unsealed tuning pegs. 

Wide Compatibility

Enjoy the flexibility of using these pegs interchangeably, saving you money. The GB-530T can fit in a wide range of bass guitars for your convenience. 

Easy Installation

Simplify your guitar maintenance process by replacing the tuners yourself. The GB-530T is designed to be user-friendly, even during installation. 



  • Guitar machine heads 
  • Threaded Bushings
  • Mounting Screws
  • Ferrules



The GB-530T are tuning key pegs compatible with a wide range of bass guitars. 



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Guyker®. Empowering Your Music with Premium-Quality Guitar Parts
Upgrade your guitar with Guyker®’s GB-530T Carbon Fiber Tuning Pegs for Bass! and unlock a new level of musical precision and performance!
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