Guyker Fret Beveling File - Fret End Bevel-Flush Files Luthier Angle Tool (36 and 90 Degrees) - Low Friction Fret Leveler

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  • Low-friction files for fret ends. An invaluable tool for a perfect fret job unique tool, low friction material, both 36 and 90 degrees in just one too.
  • With a quick, smooth motion, this file angles the fret ends and makes them ready for fret dressing and polishing.
  • Recommended for use with both traditional nickel-silver blends and stainless steel frets. It's also useful for working on used instruments with necks that aren't straight.
  • Suitable for finishing off your fret jobs on guitars, basses, banjos, and other fretted instruments. A must-have tool for pro luthier shops and home shops alike.
  • 1 PCS file with filing length 7" (18cm), a perfect size for both larger and smaller instruments.