Guyker 2Pcs Red Sandalwood Concentric Stacked Knobs, Dual Dome Control Knobs, High Grade Dome Volume Tone Knob Replacement for Electric Guitar or Precision Bass

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Color: 2PCS, Red Sandalwood


Guyker red sandalwood/ebony dual concentric control knobs are for sound equipment or rotary potentiometer, for
protection and easy control. The switch knobs have a dome finish around their circumference.

- Control the tone & volume on the same pot, it has screw hole on the knob.
- Compatible with most electric guitars/bass.
- Easy Replacement or Upgrade.

- Top inner hollow shaft diameter: Approx. 6mm / 0.24 inch
- 2 Colors available: Red sandalwood, ebony

Package including:
2 Pack rotary concentrically stack knobs (two top and two bottom)