Guyker 10.8MM Guitar Tremolo Bridge Saddles - Copper Plating Modern Guitar Saddles Compatible with Strat ST Tele TL Electric Guitar Replacement Parts Accessories(6 Pack, gold)

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String spacing: 10.8mm (0.43 inches).
These rectangle style saddles make a great upgrade for anyone who likes to use a lot of whammies, they can be used on hardtail bridge, Telecaster Tele or Stratocaster Strat bridge.
The bridge saddles help prevent string breakage, improve tone and sustain and keep your guitar in tune.
Quality copper plating saddles hold your strings firmly.
Wonderful DIY parts for guitarists or luthiers.


- Copper plating. It is a good option to upgrade your existing tremolo bridge for more sustain, smoother feel while playing and more modern looks.
- It keeps the strings in tune. It also saves the strings from snapping. Replacement metal saddles for Strat tremolo or fixed bridges.
- Fit for replacing broken or lost saddles on your vintage style, or Strat ST Tele TL tremolo bridge.
- Improving tone and sustain and keeping your guitar in tone, replacement saddles for Strat tremolo or fixed bridges, good choice for replacing your guitar saddles or upgrading bridge.
- Great electric guitar accessory and replacement for guitar lovers, easy to install and use.
- Delicate workmanship polishing golden/chrome/brown, smooth surface for you to use.

- String spacing: 10.5mm (0.41 inch)/10.8mm (0.43 inches).
- Application: Fits Strat or Tele style guitar.
- 3 colors available: gold, brown, chrome

Package Includes:
- Set of 6 tremolo bridge saddles