If you have a loose tuner on the guitar headstock that will wind for a few turns and then goes totally loose, you might want to just tighten it a little every time this happens, but the same thing keeps happening.
What should you do to fix or tighten the loose guitar tuning pegs? We'll provide a fairly easy fix for this common guitar tuning peg issue.
  1. Take the string off the tuner
  2. Use a wrench to take the nut from the tuner
  3. Remove the bushing, the washer and the peg
  4. Remove the screw on the back, so that you can pull off the tuner from the guitar
  5. Tighten the peg on the base screw as much as possibe
  6. Give the peg a smash in order to knock off the cap
  7. All we need to do is snug everything up and put it back together
  8. Finally, install the fixed guitar tuning machine back
Still feel complicated and don't want to do all the work? This simple fix won't help? You can just get a new set of guitar tuners as a replacement!