Ambassadors We Work With

Pherotone Studios

Pherotone Studios helps fix things, make things and break things all while having a laugh. With extensive guitar tone tests, guitar mods and entire guitar and speaker cab builds, they can help audience learn a lot about guitar while having fun.

Sergio Grassi Luthier

Sergio Grassi Luthier is a luthier, musician, composer and guitar teacher. He owns a channel aimed at people interested in luthiery, luthier tools, adjusting guitars, acoustic guitars, double basses and stringed instruments in general.

Custom Build Guitar

Custom Build Guitars is a boutique custom guitar company based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to creating exceptional guitars at accessible prices ever since 2014. They have delivered over 1,500 one-of-a-kind custom guitars for professionals and guitar enthusiasts of all levels.

RJ Kaneao

Universal Music Group. Award Winning Recording Artist, Producer, Session & Lead Guitarist RJ Kaneao.