7 Super Cool Knobs for your Guitar!

7 Super Cool Knobs for your Guitar!

We all want our beloved guitar to look as cool as it possibly can, and one of the simplest and cheapest ways to achieve this is by upgrading your guitar knobs to something that matches your style a lot more than the stock factory ones.

But with so many different sizes of guitar knobs and styles of quality aftermarket guitar knob options available, which guitar knobs should you choose? Well, I took a look around Guyker’s website and these are the best ones I found. One of them could well be exactly what you need to make your guitar stand out from the crowd.

Let’s get going with some quality metal knobs such as these…

Guyker CKB010 Electric Guitar Flat Top Knobs Bronze/Antique Brass Bullet Case

As the title says, we are looking for cool, and what could be cooler than some knobs designed to look like .357 Magnum bullet cases. If Dirty Harry played guitar, these are the knobs he’d use, and what’s good enough for Clint Eastwood, is good enough for the rest of us!

They are available in three shades of bronze, dark to light, and a mega-blingy gold that will make any guitar shine.

Or, if you fancy something a bit more dark and gothic, how about these knobs with skulls on them…

Guyker CKB016 Potentiometer Knob Face Surface Inner Diameter 6MM

Why use boring old plastic knobs when you can match your knobs to your musical taste! If you play the darker side of metal, emo, goth, darkwave, psychobilly, deathrock, doom metal, or horror punk, then these are perfect for your ax.

Featuring a knurled finish around their circumference, they offer precise control of your volume or tone settings. Plus, they are easy to DIY fit and since they are designed to fit onto split shaft potentiometers with a 6mm (0.24 inch) diameter, they should perfectly fit on your Strat, Les Paul, Tele, SG, Epiphone, or even on your bass!

They are available in a choice of gold, chrome, or black.

And sticking with the dark theme, if you’d like to add a cross and a lot more than one skull, let’s move on to…

Guyker CKB012 High-Grade Copper Electric Guitar Bass Knobs Cross Skeleton

What could be cooler than a skull on your guitar knobs? Well, lots of skulls, all encased in a cross of course!

And that’s precisely what you get with these high-quality knobs. They feature a rounded Iron Cross design with a skull in the center and two smaller skulls in each of the four sections of the cross. Nine skulls in total!!! That’s a lot better than one!

They are available in a choice of antique silver or bronze to perfectly match any guitar.

But what if you’re looking for something even darker? No problem, here are the…

Guyker CKB008 Electric Guitar Bass Knobs Sheep Horn

Need to make your guitar look even more demonic than by adding a few skulls? Then these Sheep Horn designed knobs should really stir up Satan making them the perfect fit for any Black or Death Metal guitarist or bassist.

And not only will these knobs make your guitar look hotter than hell, but they also offer super fine control of your tone and volume ensuring your guitar delivers the firebreathing sound you are going for.

Available in chrome or bronze, get them on your guitar, and get ready to thrash!

That’s quite enough darkness for now, let’s lighten things up with some knobs featuring the Tree of Life…

CKB008 Electric Guitar Bass Knobs Sheep Horn Surface Retro Style Two Color Option

Guyker KB001 Metal Control Knobs

These knobs feature a truly beautiful design that would look great on lots of different styles of guitars, from country telecasters to metal superstrats, or even a classic bass.

They come in a choice of Chrome, Black, or Gold and feature a dome top with the metal tree of life design over it allowing the beauty to shine through.

They have nicely knarled sides for complete control so they won’t let you down halfway through your favorite solo. Plus, they are easy to fit onto any 6mm (0.23”) solid-shaft pot, simply line them up, tighten the 1.5mm set screw and you’re away.

And now for something more subtle but equally as beautiful if you want the guitar to have a sophisticated elegant look…

Guyker KB002 Metal Control Knobs for Guitar or Bass

These super stylish knobs feature a black dome and base design with a vivid gold textured middle section that looks like the metal is melting into strands. A very unique look that will add class to any guitar you install them on.

However, there is a slight problem in that they are only available in one colorway featuring gold and black as mentioned, so you will need a guitar that has gold hardware to make them look their best.

And finally, to really bling your guitar, how about these diamond knobs!

Guyker CKB014 Electric Guitar Bass Knobs Broken Diamond Style

People say it’s good to go out with a bang, well I’m going out with a sparkle instead, with these super-blingy diamond-encrusted guitar knobs.

They really are that nice. Imagine a set of these on your favorite guitar under stage light, you’ll simply… shine like a diamond!

But they are not just about the looks, they are manufactured from the finest materials (but not real diamonds obviously!) and offer the precise control that every guitarist needs.

They are available in four colors, each of which looks simply stunning in my opinion, chrome, black, and gold, or if you really want a psychedelic experience go for the rainbow option. Rainbows and Diamonds - what a trip!

Wrapping it Up

There you have it, a huge selection of fantastic looking guitar knobs that will not only make your instrument look amazing, but the build quality will ensure they last for years and function exactly as they should allowing you complete control over your volume or tone.

But, which should you buy? Well, only you can answer that, it’s all about what will look great on your guitar and how far you want to take the bling! You can also read and learn how to remove old knobs from your guitar.


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