10 Best Locking Tuners You May Like for Electric Guitars

10 Best Locking Tuners You May Like for Electric Guitars

Not sure what locking tuners are best for your guitar? Well, let’s find out as we take a look at 10 very popular options and find the best locking tuning machines for you and your guitar.

Best Locking Tuners for Les Paul and SG Guitars

If you’re looking for a set of quality locking tuning machines for a 3+3 headstock such as most Gibsons, Epiphones, PRS, Gretsch, etc. the Schaller M6 135 Locking Tuning Machines are a premium Gibson locking tuners option.

They feature a cleverly designed step washer that accurately centers the tuning post for quick, easy, and accurate installation. Plus the gears contain a specially formulated lubricant to ensure consistently smooth action and super accurate tuning.

Most Colorful Locking Tuners

Looking to add a touch of color to your Les Paul or SG? Well, the Guyker ​​GK-D-502SP 3R/3L Dopamine Color Guitar Locking Tuning Machines perfectly fit the bill. They are available in a range of vibrant colors including vivid blue, pink, and red, as well as the more standard chrome, gold, and black. However, you can also customize the options, so if pink and black, or red and gold, perfectly match your color scheme, go for it!

But these Guyker locking tuners are more than just colorful, the 1:21 gear ratio ensures precise fine-tuning, the quality construction guarantees years of trouble-free use, and they are easy to install and compatible with a wide range of guitars.

And don’t worry if you’re a Fender man, the GUYKER GK-D-405SP 6R In-line Dopamine Color Locking Tuning Machines offer nearly as many color options and are the perfect locking tuners for stylish strat and telecaster players in search of a little color in their life.

Best Locking Tuners for Strat and Tele

Have you got a Fender or Squier that you absolutely love, but wish it had some locking tuning machines on it? Then fear not, get yourself a set of Fender Locking Tuners to perfectly replace the ones you have on there at the moment. Available in a range of colors to match existing hardware and finish, they are the No.1 choice for Tele and Strat owners.

As long as your Fender has the dual guide pin mounting, then installation will be an absolute breeze. However, if you have a vintage or vintage-style instrument there may be some modification needed to the tuning post holes, so you would be better off finding some Fender vintage locking tuners which will be a far better fit.

Best Bronze Locking Tuners

Are you tired of the same old chrome, black, and gold color options for tuners? Well, maybe it’s time to bring a bit of bronze to your headstock, especially if you have a guitar with a darker natural finish. The Guyker GK-07SP Lock String Guitar Machine Heads Tuners look great in bronze, but they also come in more traditional colors and some highly colorful options such as chameleon rainbow, or a very stylish black and gold set.

Quality is a must, and this set of locking tuners offers the utmost in fine-tuning precision, heavy-duty internal gears for extra durability and super easy installation.

GK-07SP Lock String Guitar Machine Heads Tuners

Most Accurate Locking Tuners

Do you want the ultimate in tuning stability and accuracy from your locking tuning machines? If so, the Graph Tech PRL-8721 locking tuners are for you. So, what makes them so special? Let’s find out…

They have been designed for 6-in-line guitars and feature a non-staggered design, so you’ll need to add a string tree to your headstock if you don’t already have one.

Unlike ‘standard’ tuners, each Graph Tech tuner has a custom ratio allowing you to know exactly how much you are altering the tuning as you turn of the tuner. A full turn is equal to a whole tone, and half a turn is a semi-tone, therefore allowing super quick changes for dropped and alternate tunings.

As for installation, things couldn’t be easier because they are supplied with the company’s InvisoMatch mounting plates which means they fit perfectly on a large variety of 6-in-line guitars without the need for any drilling.

Best Budget Locking Tuners

Need quality tuners that don’t cost the earth? For strat and tele players, the Guyker GK-55NSP-IV Lock String Tuners Machine Heads For ST TL Guitar are your best bet. Starting at only $29.99 for a set, they feature a solid construction with heavy-duty internal gears, are easy to install, and will fit a wide range of instruments. They are available in either gold or nickel.

For Les Paul, SG, 335, etc. players, and again starting at $29.99 a set, go for the Guyker GK-44SP 3R3L Locking String Vintage Deluxe Tuning Pegs. These also feature an equally heavy-duty construction with internal gears, a 1:15 gear ratio for tuning precision, and the classic look of vintage Gibson tuners. However, unlike the classic tuners of old, these are available in numerous color schemes such as chrome, nickel, gold, and black, with a choice of handle colors.

Best Locking Tuners for Quick String Changes

Need super-fast string changes? Then the D'Addario Auto-Trim Locking Tuning Machines have been designed especially for you. They feature a unique design that automatically cuts any excess string as you are winding. So, wave goodbye to unsightly string ends, poking yourself in the fingertip and struggling with clippers trying to tidy the job up afterward.

These locking tuners guitar come in either 6-in-line or 3+3 configurations and will fit most guitars. They also feature a nice smooth gear action making dropped and alternate tunings quick and easy (but not as quick and easy as the Graph Tech), and you can get them in various colors to match your guitar’s finish and existing hardware.

Best Slotted Headstock Locking Tuners

Quality replacement slotted headstock tuning machines are far harder to find than the standard tuners found on most guitars. And one that features a locking system is even rarer. Thankfully, the Guyker GK-19NSP Nickel Locking Tuning Pegs Keys Machine Heads perfectly fits the brief.

The 1:14 gear ratio will make sure you get perfectly in tune and stay there, while the durable construction and build quality will add a touch of elegance to your guitar for years to come.

GK-19NSP Nickel Locking Tuning Pegs Keys Machine Heads

Wrapping it up

There you have it, 10 of the best locking guitar tuners currently on the market. I’ve tried to include a variety of the most popular and some alternative options for those guitarists who really want to make their guitar one of a kind. Have fun shopping and remember, you can Tune-a guitar, but you can’t Tun-a fish!


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