10 Best Online Resources for Learning to Build and Modify Guitars

10 Best Online Resources for Learning to Build and Modify Guitars

We live in an information age, where anything you want to know is a few clicks away if you’re near a computer or have a smartphone or tablet. But the problem with having all this information is that finding the best sources for exactly the info you need can be time-consuming, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t know much about the subject.

This is especially the case with lutherie, the art of creating stringed instruments. It’s a very exciting and rewarding pastime, but the skills, creativity, and patience required mean that there is a lot to learn before you can create a beautiful finished guitar.

That’s where online resources come in, but which are the best? Let’s find out…

YouTube Channels

Coming up to its twentieth anniversary YouTube has changed how most people find the information they need about nearly any subject. And there is no shortage of quality channels featuring guitar-building tips and tricks that any budding luthier should be watching.

If you’re in need of practical tutorials, expert advice, or detailed build logs, the following channels should be on your subscription list.

The Art of Lutherie - Guitar Making

Luthier Tom Bill's channel takes you on a journey into the artistry and craftsmanship of building guitars. He has been handcrafting high-end guitars for over 20 years and specializes in creating in-depth tutorials, interviewing other luthiers, and masterfully explaining the finer points of guitar construction and design.

Brad Angove

Brad’s channel features a variety of guitar-related content, from complete build projects, tutorials, woodworking, etc. but he specializes in innovative paint, spray-coating, and finishing tutorials. He also features kit guitar reviews and full builds, as well as reviews of tools and other Lutherie products.

His approachable delivery style makes this a great option for beginners and intermediate luthiers.

O'Brien Guitars

Master luthier Robert O’Brien’s YouTube channel is a great place for those looking for in-depth tutorials on guitar-building techniques, from the initial wood selecting process to the guitar's final setup.

His years of experience as a master of the craft and concise instructions make this a great addition to your YouTube subs list for serious hobbyists as well as professionals.


This well-known supplier of luthier tools and supplies YouTube channel offers a diverse range of instructional content. They feature excellent step-by-step guides covering guitar repair, maintenance, and building, usually featuring their extensive product range.

Crimson Custom Guitars

Ben Crowe’s YouTube channel is a must for anyone interested in learning more about building guitars. It covers just about everything from basic guitar maintenance to complex custom builds with highly detailed, yet still simple-to-follow tutorials.

The channel’s hands-on approach and expert explanations create a highly valuable resource for anyone starting or experienced in the art of luthiery.

Texas Toast Guitars

This intriguingly named channel is run from an independent guitar shop in… Colorado, not Texas? Well there you go, anyway it is hosted by Matt and Chris who love to share their extensive experience in guitar building, with tutorials, project showcases, practical tips and tricks, and even regular live Q&A sessions.

Online Forums

Video tutorials and showcases are excellent if you want to follow an in-depth process, but sometimes you just need a quick answer to a relatively simple question. This is where Online Forums excel, they are also great for a quick browse of the latest posts, to see if there is anything of interest on there. This will save you a lot of time compared to watching a 30-minute video to find the one piece of info you need.

Plus, if you are looking for a community platform to share thoughts, problems, and solutions with, any of the quality guitar-building forums are well worth joining.

But what are the best Online Lutheir Forums? Let’s find out…

Official Luthiers Forum

This very comprehensive forum covers a wide range of topics related to building and repairing stringed instruments. It features a number of sections covering the usual topics for acoustic guitar builds, kit building, instrument restoration, electric guitar builds, luthier tools, etc. But it also includes more niche information on, for example, building mandolins.

The Luthier Community

This highly active international forum has a very a large user base and covers all aspects of building and restoring stringed instruments. This makes it a great place to find the info and advice you need and to share your experiences​.

Luthier Talk

If you’re new to the world of Lutherie, Luthier Talk is an excellent forum to join because not only does it cater to professional luthiers, but is also a great place for amateurs and beginners. As with the other forums, it covers the usual range of topics - guitar building, restoration, build plans and designs, as well as what materials, products, and hardware to use.

The friendly community feel allows anyone, regardless of how experienced they are to ask questions and share their builds with like-minded individuals​​.

Kit Guitars Forum

If you're starting out, a kit guitar is often the best first build. And if you need some help with the process, then this forum has been created especially for you.

The active community includes everyone from complete beginners to master luthiers who are happy to offer guidance and tips​ on the best ways to build acoustic and electric guitars, as well as smaller builds such as ukuleles and mandolins.

Wrapping it Up

With all these links to quality online guitar-building resources, you should find a solution to any build problem you are experiencing quite easily.

It’s also worth adding that sometimes a simple Google search will give you the info you need. But remember that there is a lot of incorrect or even bad advice on the internet, so take any advice you get from a basic browser search with a pinch of salt. You are far better off watching a video made by a master of the craft or asking the community on an active forum to get the very best advice.


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