Guyker Classical Guitar Tuners, 1:18 Ratio Open Frame Style Acoustic Guitar Tuning Keys Steel String Pegs Machine Heads 2 Planks (3+3) (Black, Black Button)

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2 rows of 3 pins. One plank per side tuning key.
Gears ratio 18:1 ensure accurate intonation and tuning stability.
Ideal to replace your old or dirty tuning pegs.
Uniquely designed black buttons look great and are easy to hold.
Durable and highly reliable for easy, smooth, and precise tuning.
Replacement/upgrade parts for classical acoustic guitars or precision instruments.
Smooth and shiny, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, and dust-proof, quick and accurate tuning.
Exquisite appearance with perfect workmanship and high-tech finish.

- Post spacing: 35mm(1.38"), - Shaft diameter: 9.5mm(0.37"), - Overall length: 110mm(4.33"). - Ratio: Gear Ratio - 1:18
- Style: black button
- 2 Colors available: Golden, Black