A customer used TM85 said that his B and E strings snap. This is not the often cases seen among our customers but here's a possible solution to it.

Why would the strings snap?

The B and E strings snap on a regular basis. It might be that there are some burrs on the end of the tremolo bridge, forming very sharp edges to make the string unwrap itself from the ball inside and push the turnings twists down the ball end.

What tools do I need?

  • Allen wrench
  • Small round file
  • 400 sandpaper
  • Metal polish

How to repair the snapping strings problem?

  1. Remove the strings from the guitar
  2. Unscrew the top part of the bridge
  3. Remove the locking screw and push the shaft out the way
  4. Swivel the top piece away from the base
  5. Use a small round file to file away the burrs on the bridge
  6. Use sandpaper to smooth the scratches out
  7. Buff the sanding marks out of each string hole
  8. Put everthing back again