Hi guys,

Guyker is going to release some lightweight guitar parts made of carbon fiber! 

What guitar parts are we preparing?

Guitar pickguard

Guitar bridge

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber is a polymer that it is simultaneously strong and lightweight -- it is five times stronger than steel and twice as stiff, yet much lighter than steel. It can be used in circumstances where the strength of a metal is needed, but the weight of it is not.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Guitar Parts

Strength and durability

Carbon fiber is extremely durable, therefore guitar parts made of it would not easily bend, shatter, or get dents in them. As a result, they endure longer than guitar parts made of other materials. Unless you're sick of the way they appear, you don't need to regularly replace the ones on your guitar.


Carbon fiber guitar parts have a very low weight-to-strength ratio compared to other materials, particularly metal or wood. With ease, you can spend hours holding your axe on stage without becoming arm sore. You may travel to festivals all over the world with your lightweight guitar as well.

Weather resistance and minimal maintenance

Unlike wood and metal, carbon fiber can be exposed to wet, hot, cold, or dry weather without warp or crack. It can be unaffected by temperature and humidity changes. Your guitar parts will require minimal maintenance, thus leaving you more time to enjoy the music playing itself.

Improved sustain and resonance

Though this might be pretty subtle for guitar parts, a guitar with a carbon fiber body forms a bright, clear sound that appeals to certain genres and playing styles.

Customization and design flexibility

Carbon fiber can be molded into complex shapes and designs with ease, allowing for innovative guitar part designs that may not be achievable with traditional materials. This flexibility opens up possibilities for unique aesthetics and ergonomic improvements.