If your tremolo bridge floats back and forth, you'll probably have a very difficult time keeping it in tune. What caused the electric guitar tremolo bridge lifts up is quite simple, that is, a lack of proper tension balance between the strings and the springs in the tremolo system.

How to Fix Electric Guitar Bridge Lifting Up

The solution is quite simple. Just balance the tension of the strings and the springs! And in order to get the balance, you could:

Reduce the tension of the string

Untighten the front screws of the trem, so that the string will be lower to ease the tension, thus the tremolo will be eased and flat, or

Add spring tension to the trem block

More spring tension would hold the trem block back and spring tighter. You must increase the spring tension by tightening the screws in the back side cavity that is holding the metal plate.

Do you have any other solutions to this fix? Let us know!