Guitar News: The Pink Punk Machine, The Antigua Comeback, And The Meanest Telecaster Ever Made

Guitar News: The Pink Punk Machine, The Antigua Comeback, And The Meanest Telecaster Ever Made

Guitar news is in and hot! In this article, we’ll talk about three exciting new models that are about to see the light after years of hard work by Fender, Squier, and Schecter.

We’ll be talking about guitars for every taste and need, from single-pickup semi-hollow-body instruments to black and mean telecasters created for metal fanatics to one of the strangest finishes making a stellar comeback in the Squier range.

Are you ready? The future is here and it looks (and sounds) very promising.

Tom DeLonge Says It’s "The Best Guitar Ever Made"

This is not Tom DeLonge’s (Blink182’s guitarist and singer) first signature guitar. Moreover, it’s not his first Fender signature guitar. His first one debuted in 2002 and it was a single-pickup Stratocaster.

His second signature guitar was an Epiphone that reimagined the ES-335 shape with a single pickup and one control.

Finally, his third signature guitar is what an offspring of the previous two would look like. It is a semi-hollow construction with a Fender neck, a single pickup, and one volume pot as the only control.

The guitar is made in Indonesia and it features a single Seymour Duncan SH-5 that’s what Tom needs to do the punk thing on stage. The guitar also features a ‘70s-like oversized headstock at the end of the C-shaped neck with a 12” radius over the rosewood fingerboard.

Who Is This Guitar For?

This is a great guitar if you want a big tone to play music that requires the push and power of the almighty humbucker in the bridge position. Let me also tell you that the guitar comes with a treble bleed in the volume control. This means that, as you roll it off, you don’t lose your sparkle and Fender-esque treble. As you might imagine, this adds versatility to this straightforward guitar.

The Antigua Finish, Hit or Miss?

Saying that the Antigua finish has a ton of mojo, it’s to blow no scoop. On the contrary, although it’s a controversial, divisive finish, it brings an instant ‘70s vibe to any stage.

Well, after being out of the market for decades, Fender brought this love-it-or-hate-it finish to the Squier Classic Vibe range with a Telecaster Custom, a Stratocaster, a Bass VI, and a Precision Bass.

But the Antigua finish isn’t the only ‘70s-friendly aspect of these instruments, they also feature the oversized headstock and the maple fingerboards that ruled in the time of psychedelic rock’s explosion.

Furthermore, the Bass VI and the Precision feature black block inlays, adding big to the mojo element.

Squier, Fender’s Testing Ground

Squier is usually the testing ground for Fender to implement changes and see how the audience reacts to them. This series of Antigua instruments was announced as a limited run that’s only going to exist within the Squier realm.

But, as we already know, what works for the Squier range might very well be something that we’ll see with the Fender logo soon. Will this be the case too? We’ll see how it goes.

Image source: Squier

Who is This Series For?

To begin with, this series of instruments is for those who want to play a unique-looking ax with the legacy and mojo of Fender’s ‘70s magic. Also, it’s a great series of instruments for collectors and those who love the Antigua finish and can’t afford the real deal.

Schecter Black OPS, The Meanest Telecaster Ever Made

“Engineered for precision and power” is the motto that Schecter uses to present this series of uncanny Telecaster guitars.

We can say that the Telecaster was the first electric guitar to revolutionize the entire market and change the music world forever. Well, there are very few coincidences between that initial model and this stealth version that Schecter came up with.

The first difference has a very big impact on tone. These Telecasters don’t have an ash or alder body, they are made of solid mahogany contoured to be modern and very comfortable. The neck is also made of mahogany and they’re entirely painted in matte black which gives them a stealthy, mean look.

The line offers three guitars featuring 6, 7, and 8 strings. Furthermore, the 7 and 8-string versions feature a multi-scale ebony fretboard. Speaking of fretboards, these guitars feature a very modern, shred-ready 14 or 16” radius and stainless-steel frets. Finally, the reinforced C-shaped neck ends with Schecter locking tuners.

Electronics-wise, the only pickup is at the bridge position and is a very powerful Fishman Fluence Open Core humbucker. It features a three-way switch that helps changing tones and a single master volume knob.

Finally, all three guitars come with hipshot bridges, black hardware, and a black pickguard.

Who’s This Guitar For?

This is a great metal guitar or a guitar for those about to rock… hard. The no-frills approach to a killer heavy tone, the snap of the ebony, and the growl of the mahogany makes this guitar perfect to play rhythm, lead, or both. Furthermore, the ability to buy these guitars in 6, 7, or 8-string configurations as well as left-handed make them suitable for any rocking guitarist who loves the tele shape to play heavy tones.

The Bottom End

All the guitars showcased here are innovative and off the beaten path.
Whether it’s because of the mojo in the finish, the mix of a semi-hollow body with a humbucker and a Fender neck, or a complete reimagination of the Telecaster, all these guitars are unique in their own way and appeal to different players.

In my opinion, that’s one of the most beautiful things about being a guitarist; that you always have new, innovative gear to choose from.

The 21st century is a great time to be a guitar player, so enjoy it with any of these great new axes.

Happy (new and innovative) playing!

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