The New Johnny Cash Album & David Gilmour Albums Forecast Great Songs Galore!

The New Johnny Cash Album & David Gilmour Albums Forecast Great Songs Galore!

Johnny Cash was one of the greatest songwriters of his generation. Saying that about a generation that included people like Bob Dylan is a lot to say. Well, he left us with a huge legacy that keeps on expanding posthumously.

David Gilmour, on the other hand, is very much alive and keeps on producing highly polished, very elegant, melodic music for fans all over the world. Well, after a 9-year hiatus, he’s back with a young producer trying to break his own mold.

These are two of the most expected albums this 2024. Let’s see what the hype is all about!

The Man in Black, 31 Years Later

In the year 1993, Johnny Cash found himself moving between labels. During that time off, he booked LSI Studios in Nashville because he had an album’s worth of material to put down. Well, because of a mix of circumstances, those songs never made it out to the public.

That was until this year because the original recordings have been rescued from oblivion and reworked to become an entire album of new material by the Man in Black. Yes, these are unpublished new songs that had been waiting for their turn for 31 years.

All the demos from that time featured Johnny Cash’s voice and acoustic guitar. Although it might seem very little to work with, for a crooner, singer-songwriter like Mr. Cash, that covers 80% of his career.

That said, you won’t hear just Johnny Cash in the 11 songs that make the album, the Man in Black, as always, is joined by an all-star band of old friends and newcomers.

John Carter Cash, David “Fergie” Ferguson, and An All-Star Band

The production of the album was in the hands of Johnny Cash’s son, John Carter Cash, and legendary country and rock producer David “Fergie” Ferguson. David worked with Johnny during his “American Songwriter” albums alongside Rick Rubin.

This tandem worked together with stars in the Nashville area to embellish and expand on Cash’s one-of-a-kind songwriting. But that’s not all, because besides hiring new stars, the record is made with two of Johnny’s old musical friends, Marty Stuart and Dave Roe on guitar and bass respectively.

Now, these aren’t just ordinary players, both can be considered legends in the Nashville area and especially in the country scene. Furthermore, both played with Johnny for years as well as playing on hundreds of other records.

Pete Abbott from the Average White Band filled in for the drumming. That way, the solid foundations of the new Johnny Cash album are in a band that can be considered legendary in its own right.

But that’s not all, because there are also some stellar guests. These are veteran, successful, and utterly famous country singer, Vince Gill, and the retro rock band The Black Keys.

The first single is out now and is called “Well Alright”.

David Gilmour Hired a Young Gun To Break The Rulebook

Another big news coming from rock music is that David Gilmour, Pink Floyd’s shining star is back in the game with a new album. This 9-song opus comes 9 years after his last album was released.

For this record, David decided to take on a whole new direction hiring a producer who worked with modern acts such as London Grammar, Wolf Alice, Bloc Party, and Alt-J. His name is Charlie Andrew and he was in charge of demolishing Gilmour’s image as a guitar hero.

Don’t just take my word for it, David said, “We invited Charlie to the house, so he came and listened to some demos, and said things like, 'Well, why does there have to be a guitar solo there?' and 'Do they all fade out? Can’t some of them just end?'”

But that’s not all, because David added, “He has a wonderful lack of knowledge or respect for this past of mine. He’s very direct and not in any way overawed, and I love that. That is just so good for me because the last thing you want is people just deferring to you.”

I know what you’re thinking and I agree; we want David Gilmour to make a record like the guitar legend he is. Well, he’s such a legend for not taking anything for granted and innovating to create a new road that would lead to unknown sonic territories, paving a path and inspiring a new generation of musicians.

Why would a brilliant artist like David want to make a record unless it’s exciting and daring at his age?

Well, that’s exactly what happened here.

Finally, the album also features some 2007 recordings by Richard Wright. These will be posthumously released since Pink Floyd’s keyboardist is no longer with us.

But the Black Guitar is Gone, David…

Although Pink Floyd’s guitar hero is back, his iconic black Strat is gone. Yes, in 2019, David Gilmour made a decision to sell some of his guitars. In that batch, it was his iconic Black Strat, which is featured in classics like “Money” and “Shine on you crazy diamond”.

That guitar was sold by Christie’s New York for almost 4 million dollars. The money was given to charity.

Gilmour is one of those players who can transcend any instrument and carry tone in his hands. Thus, this album might just be the perfect occasion to hear him strumming, picking, and wailing on different guitars.

The Bottom End

Two heavy-weight champions of music are putting out new material for us to enjoy. But that’s not all, because these albums come out at a moment in which rock and roll is arguably making a stellar comeback to the airwaves worldwide.

Indeed, besides these records, several major rock acts delivered exciting new albums this year including bands that range from Pearl Jam to Judas Priest to The Jesus and Mary Chain, and The Libertines. Moreover, in October 2023, The Rolling Stones delivered a new album with the young producer Andy Watt.

Perhaps, we are on the verge of a new rocking revolution full of distorted guitars and pumping drums. Whichever is the case, the future looks promising for rock and rollers.

Happy (rocking) playing!


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