Guyker Guitar Front Locking Tuners (3L + 3R Handed) - 1:21 Gear Ratio Lock String Machine Heads Tuning Key Pegs with Wood Handle Replacement for LP SG Electric Guitars Chrome

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Good front locking tuner pegs can ensure you to play your beloved guitar flexibly and accurately. Featured with sealed machine heads and heavy-duty internal gear, it can turn smoothly, enabling the player to tune
accurately and easily.

- Replacement/Upgrade parts for electric, folk or acoustic guitars or precision instruments.
- Precision 21:1 gear ratio with sealed lubrication, cast housings and metal knobs.
- Hex shaped button with sealed housing and 45 degree fixing tag.
- Durable and highly reliable for easy, smooth, and precise tuning.
- Made of solid materials with an elegant and professional look.
- Easy to install, quick and accurate tuning.
- With heavy duty internal gear.
- Provides finer tuning and greater stability.

- Style: Hexagonal Knob 510D73FL
- 2 handle material: metal, wooden handle
- Color: Chrome.