Guyker Guitar Brass Nut Shims Heightening Gasket Three Thicknesses of 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 2.0mm Luthier Tool

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[product name]: Guitar nut heightening gasket

[product material]: Brass

- Sound transmission, hardness and wear resistance are very suitable for making gaskets.
- Easy to store and use.

Why you need the nut heightening gasket

The guitar string is low or good. The important reason is that the seasonal dry and wet changes affect the deformation of the guitar panel and neck. If the guitar string becomes lower or the playing quality is serious in winter, it is necessary to replace the nut or use shims to increase the height of the nut. The advantage of using the nut heightening gasket is that when the summer festival comes, the chord will become higher, and then take out the gasket.

how to choose the nut heightening gasket

according to the string height of your guitar, if the string is pressed low, suggest to buy 2.0mm, because the lower nut is increased by 2.0mm and the 12 pins are increased by 1.0mm. Therefore, it can be purchased after measurement according to this value. If 0.5mm needs to be added, 1.0mm can be purchased.


1 due to machine cutting, there will be wire error in size, so you need to polish it with sandpaper. But after our test, it is unlikely to use sandpaper.
2. The gasket is 72 long and can be used under the nut of 74-76. The small point does not affect the use. If used for 71, grinding or shearing can be used.