Guyker Brass Compensated Saddles Set of 3-10.8mm Barrel Bridge Saddle with Wrench Compatible with Fender 52 62 Telecaster Tele Electric Guitar Replacement Part

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A great upgrade on your stock vintage style bridge. Adjustable pivot for intonation while maintaining a vintage

Benefits / Features
- Set of 3 10.8mm barrel-style brass compensated bridge saddles for upgrading your Telecaster more accurate
intonation while maintaining a vintage look.
- Each saddle is reversible and can be used in any position.
- Brass saddles give rich harmonic overtones and long sustain.
- Set of 3 Wilkinson-style compensation saddles replacement part compatible with any Fender vintage 52 62
Telecaster Tele tremolo bridge.
- Each section is individually cast to be staggered, allowing for better string intonation while preserving the
traditional appearance and feel.
- Material: Brass, durable and easy to install.
- 10.8mm (0.43 inches) string spacing.

Package Includes:
- Set of 3 compensated bridge saddles
- Intonation springs and screws included.
- 1 x Hex Wrench.