Guyker 43mm Guitar Brass Nut Height Adjustable Roller Nuts Replacement Compatible with Les Paul LP SG Style Electric Guitars

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The Guyker 43mm height adjustable guitar LP SG roller nut is a great option to replace or upgrade the nut on your 6 string electric guitar.

- High density and minimal porosity that yields good intonation and clarity.
- Lightweight design, exquisite appearance, and easy to use.
- Compatible with 6-string Les Paul LP SG style electric guitars.
- The bottom 3 screws can adjust the nut height.

- Length: 43 mm, Approx. 1.69 inch
- Width: 7mm (0.28 inch);
- Height: 8mm (0.31 inch).
- Instrument: LP-Style, SG-Style
- Material: Brass