Guyker 3Pcs Guitar Bass Knobs with 6mm Dia. Shaft Pots - Cavel Five Pointed Star Surface Skull Retro Style Tone Volume Control Potentiometer Knob for Electric Guitar Bass (CKB008, Antique Silver)

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Guyker guitar antique bronze/sliver control knobs with special cavel five pointed star retro style are for sound
equipment or rotary potentiometer, for protection and easy control. The switch knobs have a skull finish around
their circumference.

- Fits any guitars or basses which have Split Shaft Pots with diameter 6mm or less than 6mm.
- Fits most Tele electric guitar / precision bass instruments.
- Good weight and feel to replace your plastic knobs.
- Control the electric guitar / bass Tone & Volume.
- Easy Replacement or Upgrade.
- Cool cavel star surface retro design, show your personality.

- Inner hollow shaft diameter: Approx. 6mm / 0.24in
- 2 Colors available: Antique Bronze, Antique sliver

Package including:
3 * cavel star surface audio knobs