Guyker 10.5mm Standard Electric Guitar Tremolo System Bridge Block Compatible with Strat ST Style Bridge (Stainless Steel 40mm)

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- Fits for Start ST style tremolo guitar bridges.
- Material: brass/stainless steel. Durable and long-lasting use.
- Great improvement in tone, increase sustain and stability, easy to install and remove.
- This will be a direct replacement and upgrade option to replace your Strat ST tremolo bridge block.
- Great DIY parts for guitarists or luthiers.
- Please note the tremolo arm hole is screw-in, not push-in.

- Length and width: 75mm x 40mm;
- String spacing: Approx. 10.5 mm (0.41 inch).
- Arm whammy bridge bar hole: 4.8mm
- 2 Material available: brass, stainless steel

Please check the parameter drawing in the attached pics before placing your order.