Guyker 10.5MM Brass Roller Saddles - Guitar Tremolo Bridge Saddles Compatible with Strat ST Electric Guitar Replacement Parts Accessories (6 Pack, Black)

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- Brass saddles provide better intonation and hold your strings firmly.
- It is a good option to upgrade your existing tremolo bridge for more sustain, smoother feel while playing and more modern looks.
- It keeps the strings in tune. It also saves the strings from snapping. Replacement metal saddles for Strat tremolo or fixed bridges.
- Fit for replacing broken or lost saddles on your vintage style, or Strat ST Tele TL tremolo bridge.
- Improving tone and sustain and keeping your guitar in tone, replacement saddles for Strat tremolo or fixed bridges, good choice for replacing your guitar saddles or upgrading bridge.
- Great electric guitar accessory and replacement for guitar lovers, easy to install and use.
- Delicate workmanship polishing bronze/Ancient silver, smooth surface for you to use. - Solid brass saddles; will increase the sustain and tuning stability.

- String spacing: 10.8mm (0.43 inches)./ 10.5mm (0.41 inches)
- Material: Brass saddle
- Shape Available: Rectangle Type
- 3 colors available: black, bronze, Ancient silver
- 2 style saddle: roller saddle or Ordinary saddle can be choose

Package Includes:
- Set of 6 tremolo bridge saddles